Lalah Delia

Lalah a certified spiritual practitioner, spiritual writer, wellness advocate, and founder of the digital movement and website Vibrate Higher Daily, pushing well being, positive lifestyle, positive community, wholeness, and personal transformation forward, through vibrational-based living. Seeing what the power of personal transformation through vibrating higher daily can do; as it's done in Lalah’s personal life, and in the lives of others, is why she writes, educates, advocates, and pushes vibrating higher daily forward with such passion, dedication, and commitment. Lalah furthers her mission by teaching online classes, as well as, by offering private sessions on her website.

Lalah’s approach to writing is instinctive, holistic, relatable, and often minimal. Her spiritual writings resonate with readers across the globe; and are shared daily in various selfie captions, memes, and hashtags across social media platforms via her supportive audience and community.

Lalah Delia is featured in the current print issues of Thoughtfully Magazine and Prestige Intentional Magazine, and has been featured by LA YOGA, ESSENCE, Black Girl In OM, GIRLBOSS, Influencer Digest + more.

Starting in July, Lalah will become a resident expert in Thoughtfully Magazine; where she’ll offer intentional writings and musings in each print issue.

Lalah is available for brand deals and collaborations, partnerships, on-air and speaking engagements.

Instagram: @lalahdelia (90.7k)
Twitter: @LalahDelia (36k)
Tumblr: VibrateHigherDaily (10k)

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