Meghan Wallace James

Meghan Wallace James is a consultant, stylist and mother.  She sees the world through layers of visual metaphors, a symbolic language of embedded beliefs.  James uses space and style to guide individuals into intuitive alignment, hence shifting limiting structures, and empowering spiritual growth, creative expression and the fulfillment of authentic material desires.

During the birth of her first son, James was downloaded with the mission to “heal cycles of abuse through beauty.”  While seemingly vague, this claircognitive statement became her guiding light in designing an original modality, equal parts aesthetic and energetic, embedded with intuition and empathy.  She calls her modality Modern Feng Shui.

Modern Feng Shui is grounded via the orientation of a Western bagua map and expanded via reiki and tarot.  Moreover, it is the amalgamation of a childhood spent renovating a historic home and a varied career path: project controls engineer-turned-fashion designer-turned-healer.

During a Remote Session or Consultation you will discuss spatial configuration, material element alignment, color palette considerations, design, horticulture, organization, spirituality, personal style, housekeeping, and health & safety… creating an open road for Love & Abundance. 

Meghan Wallace James’ highly bespoke consultancy is based between Los Angeles and New York, and she works remotely with clients around the world.

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Instagram: @meghan.wallace.james

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