Ruthanna Hopper was born in Taos, New Mexico, the daughter of Daria Halprin and Dennis Hopper.  She grew up in Marin County, in the laboratory of artists and dancers, who gathered at the Mountain Home Studio to work with her mother, and grandmother, the dancer, Anna Halprin, as well as her grandfather, landscape architect, Lawrence Halprin.

Hopper considers this bohemian, artistic upbringing her most influential teacher.  It is through this immersion in creative life and process in her formative years that she inherited an education in art.

Hopper studied Art at UC Davis. After graduating she moved to New York to study theater.  Upon graduating from the theater program at William Esper, she returned to California where she co-wrote two novels published by St. Martin’s Press.  Hopper has returned to her roots in visual art, making paintings in her Echo Park art studio.