Creative Realization Session


Creative Realization Session


One of my deepest passions in life is to facilitate the unearthing on one’s authentic creative “why”.

My years as a multi-hyphenate creative in all aspects of the arts, especially at the intersection of art and business, have given me tremendous insight and depth of experience. I am driven to partner with creatives in all stages of development, to help raise creative awareness and connectivity. My one-on-one work is motivated to ignite, revitalize, tune-up and align your journey to realizing your vision, dream, passion and goals, online and offline, personally and professionally.

This journey to the creative realization of a business, brand or personal vision is arduous, muddied by set-backs, fear, doubt, comparison. Starting can be the most stymying part. The feeling of overwhelm and not knowing know where to begin can be paralyzing. It keeps us in pattern of playing small and staying stuck. I am here to help move you through the muck and into clarity.  

In order to even begin cracking the “how” of what we are calling in, we need to uncover  they “why” around our fears, fogginess, insecurity, comparisons and lack of clarity. 

Together, we will actively deep-dive to uncover blocks and unconscious patterns that are holding you back from allowing creative dreams, businesses and brands to be fully realized. 

I deeply encourage starting with a one month/ four session package. This will ignite you, keep you on task and steep you in the mind-set of realization. You are committed to the process. You desire to tune into the roots of what you are wanting to call into your life or business.

We candidly explore all aspects of mind-set, fear and lack of focus. We identify and explore the necessary shifts that need to occur for you to align with your purpose. This is the start to building your awesome brand. It is also the process to simply find what YOUR passion is.  

We work both the unconscious and the actionable. 

We work to define what lights you up because ultimately, that will light up the rest of the world.

One 60 minute video session.

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